Friday, September 16, 2011

The Old Oxford Textile Building

The old Oxford Textile building on Smith Street (Hwy 76) in Timmonsville now houses three new businesses.

he sight of the these pictures on The "Timmonsville, SC...My town" Facebook fan Page created a little discussion from our resident historian, Roscoe Fountian.

Roscoe Fountain remembers when the owners of Oxford met with Mayor Jazz Mathis and the town council about coming to Timmonsville.

They wanted a new building, not an old tobacco warehouse, and wanted the local people to provide the financing for the building.

Mr. Charlie Anderson put up most of the money to finance the construction. Mr. Charlie was a quiet gentle man, but a very important citizen of this town.

Emily Mathis Betts, Mayor Mathis' daughter had already moved away by the time Oxford came to town. But she remembered her Daddy talking about this new business, Oxford Drapery textiles. He was particularly proud that Oxford would provide jobs for the people in Timmonsville.

Emily was not aware that Mr.Anderson provided a lot of the money, but she was not surprised to learn that he did. Emily said, "Mr. Anderson was a really nice man and he sold great plow line as jump ropes for little girls!"

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  1. 1969_Oxford Drapery Company,Timmonsville, SC
    PRODUCT:Curtains, draperies & bedspreads