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1938 Lynchburg Grammar School - Lee County, SC

1938 Lynchburg Grammar School - Lee County, SC

Joe Mckight thought this was great photograph. He hated the thought of  not sharing it with anyone, so he took a shot in the dark hoping it would pay off and posted this picture on the Timmonsville Facebook group page. It is a wonderful picture of  the 1938 classmates from the Lynchburg Grammar School of  Lee County, SC. [Click Image to see larger version.]

 Joe was hoping someone with a relative who attended Lynchburg Grammar School in 1938 would see the photo! 

Listed are the classmates:

Bottom row: 
Otis Logan, Unknown Baker, Gene Hickson, Jessie Ruth Dennis, Ellen Windham, Annie Laurie McElveen, Gloria Johnson, Louise Carraway, Lillian Sprott, Merle Keels, Doris Hickson, Nicky Tomlinson, Marion Steward Jr., Sheldon Houser.

Center Row: 
Earl Thomas, Robert Lyles ?, Emma Kinlaw, Rebecca Lyles ?, Leroy Powell, Bobby Lee, Essie Mae Rogers, Jimmy Carroll, Sophronia McCoy, Modena Powell, Billy Rogers?

Top Row:
Unknown Hawkins, George Clements, Mildred Nesbitt, Jo Ann Fender, Unknown Hawkins, Robert McKnight, Roland Stokes, Ernest Lane, J. N. Wilson, Harold Watford, Unknown, Ella Mae Lyons, Sarah Stewart, Helen Cato.

Folks tagged on the photo were:

Angela Tolson Jordan, 
Pam Amerson Steen, 
Meg Rowland Outlaw,
Kaye Huggins Howell, 
Caroline Warr
Didi Warr.

This conversation ensued in the group:
  • Stewart Carter - "The children of many of those folks went to Hudgens Academy." February 2 at 10:07pm
  • Roscoe B. Fountain - "I know or have known many of them. Stewart, you are correct, but even some of the grandkids went to [school] at Hudgens." February 2 at 10:10pm
  • Roscoe B. Fountain - "Thanks Joe McKnight, that is an interesting picture. I know a few of them. Earl Thomas was my brother-in-law. Jo Ann Fender just recently passed away. She was married to Banks Scarborough and was a wonderful lady. Nicky Tomlinson's son lives in Timmonsville and is a pharmacist. It is interesting to see those young children and realize that they all now have a story to tell." February 3 at 11:32pm
  • Joe McKnight - "My primary interest in acquiring a copy of this photo was Robert McKnight, middle of the back row." February 3 at 11:42pm
  • Joe McKnight - "I intended to add, that the photograph became more and more interesting to me as time passed." February 4 at 12:02pm
  • Dianne Hill Anderson - "Mel Scarborough and Rod Scarborough needs to see this." February 4 at 12:17pm
  • Rod Scarborough - "Thanks, Dianne and thanks Joe McKnight. I saw it Saturday when  you posted but only just told Dad [Banks Scarborough] about it and he was delighted." February 4 at 5:47pm
  • Joe McKnight - "I'm glad! That is all I wanted when posting this ... to help someone reconnect with pleasant memories."
The Timmonsville, SC......MY Town!  Facebook comments:

  • Dale Hickson Logan - "Thanks so much for sharing. This may be the youngest picture I have of my father, Gene Hickson! So many good folks and parts of my family and also my husbands family!!" March 19 at 9:19am
  • Valerie Gastauer McElroy - "Wow! Ellen Windham is my grandmother. She is currently doing well and living in Florence, SC. We have not seen any pictures of her as a little girl. Thank you for sharing!!" March 19 at 9:25pm
  • Joe McKnight - "I'm glad! That is all I wanted when posting this ... to help someone reconnect with pleasant memories."
  • Betty Dowling - "Joe McKnight, where did you get the photograph?"  March 23 4:24pm
  • Joe McKnight - "About ten years ago, I was visiting a family that had a death. During a conversation with someone connected with that family I mentioned that I was interested in doing some research in the Lynchburg area. That person gave me a copy of the photograph and the names that I have identified." March 23 4:30pm
  • Betty Dowling - "So cool...I am sharing it on my FB fan page and Timmonsville SC...MY Town blog."  March 23 6:25pm
  • Roscoe B. Fountain - "Many years ago, Timmonsville used to sponsor a basketball tournament in the old National Guard Armory. Lynchburg always had a great girls and boys team. We students from Timmonsville got to meet students from all over this section of South Carolina. I see Merle Keels' name in the list above. I always bought a season's ticket and attended all of the games. One night, I asked Robert Clements, from Lynchburg, who is that pretty girl? He said "Merle Keels". I never met her, but her name has been in my brain for 65 years now. Robert Clements is the brother of [Florence County] Solicitor Ed Clements' dad."  March 23. 7:20pm

Lynchburg is a town in Lee County, SC. Lee county was formed from Darlington, Kershaw, and Sumter counties in 1902. The town has a total area of 1.1 square miles. The population was 373 at the 2010 census, a loss of more than one third of its population of 588 in 2000. Lynchburg is about 9 miles west of Timmonsville on US Hwy 76. There are many connections between our two communities.

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