Sunday, June 16, 2013

White family memories shared for Father's Day 2013

Renee White Roberts shares some memories of her dad for Father's Day:

Hubert Wilson White
b. Sept 11, 1910 - d. Apr 8, 1989

stepdaughter- Brenda Lynn Maher Gilmore
daughters- Ola Sharlet Renee White Roberts and Valerie Vee White Springs
son - Hubert "Bert" Wilson White, Jr.

Renee,  Bert  and   Val  (2009)
Born Sept 11, 1910 in Cheraw, SC, Hubert moved to Columbia as a young man. He joined the Army where he served in Burma and India.  He then lived in Lamar for a while and worked with the sheriff's office. He was a mechanic for Fireball Roberts race crew in the late 1940's. He married Atha Elsada Gaddy on Feb 5, 1949 and began his family. He worked as a mechanic for the Ford Motor Company in Timmonsville for 25 years and then with the Massey Ferguson Tractor Company on Hwy 76 in Timmonsville, where he work for another 20 years.

Renee assures me that Val has much more to tell than she does, so I am sure there may be a few edits to this post. Looking forward to hearing from Val.  We will all be fondly recalling our dads this weekend.
Thanks for sharing Renee.

Byrd Cemetery, Timmonsville, SC

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