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Duck Dynasty is the Best Family Show on TV - Where are they located?

  • Where is Duck Commander / Deer Commander located?

  • Where do Phil Robertson and the rest of the duck men reside?

  • Check out Phil Robertson's US patents.

Duck Dynasty The beards are back.
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Duck Dynasty: Season 1 has been in my Netflix queue for months now and keeps getting skipped over. Recently it finally showed up in the mailbox. Yeah I know, I don't have cable and my satellite internet can't handle streaming or at least my bandwidth allowance prohibits streaming Netflix.

That's what you get when you live in the country I guess. DSL is 2 miles down the road but AT&T says they don't know when it might be available to us. Anyway, that's another post altogether. [Update: We have DSL now. Yay!]

My family has now finished watching the whole first season and now my 4 year old is giving tips on how to "chill down" bees with smoke (see episode 10 called "Plan Bee"). I asked him where he learned that and he tells me Ducks Dynasty. He even goes around saying "Happy, Happy, Happy!"

Basically we find the whole Robertson clan very fascinating and it is just refreshing to see God talked about and prayer on national TV! If you Google "Phil Robertson" you will find that he has a pretty interesting back story. He played football for LSU and apparently played ahead of Terry Bradshaw and even had better stats. It is also reported that he turned down playing in the NFL for the Redskins because it interfered with duck hunting season. It's pretty neat to see that he still became successful in life.

I realize Phil may have had some dark years before he found the Lord but he has obviously turned from that lifestyle for 30 or 40 years now and I won't talk about it here. 

I decided to see where these guys were located in Louisiana so I began a search to find out where the Buck Commander and Duck Commander company headquarters is located and I also found out where Phil Robertson's home is located. I am still trying to locate Willie and Jase's homes and maybe even Uncle Si. If I find them I will update the article. [UPDATE: I believe I have found them. I think I may create a new post as this one is getting a little long.] If anyone knows leave a post below. Here is what I found so far:

View Larger Map   Location of Duck Commander (A) and Phil Robertson home (B).

It is interesting to note that the Duck Commander / Deer Commander headquarters was not located at 117 Kings Lane, West Monroe, LA, 71292 in April 2009 which is the date that Google says the street view image was taken. It is obvious, if you've seen the show and with a quick internet search for the address, that this is the building they are currently located in. It is also obvious this building was vacant in April 2009.

[July 30, 2014 Update: Google Maps have been updated now and the imaging above is from April 2013. I should have made a screen shot of the 2009 imagery because the building was obviously vacant and had weeds growing around it and no Duck Commander Buck Commander sign on it. I believe it even had a For Sale sign out front.]

If you click "View Larger Map" on the map above the Duck Commander business is point "A". Point "B" is Phil and Kay Robertson's home located at 538 Mouth of Cypress Rd, West Monroe, LA 71292. The Google map below pulls that out separately. The street view imaging is again from April 2009 and note the sign at the edge of the driveway. It says DUCK COMMANDER (can't read the next word) and then it looks like it says SHIPPING.

I didn't figure this out from Phil's slip-up on Jimmy Kimmel in which he gave out his address. I found it on his US patents. More on that at the end of the story.

View Larger Map Location of Phil and Kay Robertson home.
Duck Commander sign at Phil's driveway
from Google street view screen
grab circa April 2009.

It appears that 4 years and three months ago the company was still located in Phil's backyard. In the show, Willy acts like it has been 10 years since Phil had helped out at Duck Commander. Maybe the producers changed the story a little?

I have read that the year before (2011) the show started they sold 60,000 duck calls a year and last year (2012) they sold 600,000 duck calls. They have come a long way since the Google car went through there that's for sure. I am happy for them.

I don't know if my family will want to wait on Netflix to have Duck Dynasty: Season Two, Vol. 1 or Duck Dynasty: Season 3.

It might be next year before we'd get to see them if we wait on Netflix. I am not trying to knock Netflix by the way. I am sure that I am one of the few that still gets actual DVDs instead of streaming. I may have to go ahead and buy them soon. My 4 year old son just asked me if we still had them. He gives me "thumbs up" a lot more now. I just realized maybe he got that from Phil too. I guess I better order the DVD's soon.

UPDATE: Since I mentioned the Jimmy Kimmel interview check it out here for yourself:

Also, for those that are interested, I found three US patents that Phil A. Robertson owns. See links below:

NOTE: Please don't take this information to mean you should go camp outside their business and/or home. With the power of the internet, these days, we can go on a trip and see different places without actually going there. It's just fun and was publicly found. I just put the info in one place to save you some time. I am fascinated with these guys (and gals) just like most of America. Please be respectful of their property and if you go to their business carry some money with you. They have a store that is open to the public. Buy a t-shirt or two and a duck call while you are there.

Or just go to their website at

You can also buy their merchandise here: Duck Commander on AMAZON.

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  1. We love Duck Commander at our house. The Bee episode is one of our favorites...I laugh 'til my stomach aches every time it is on!