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Roy Hopkins Jr., Gone Too Soon

Lester Leroy "Roy" Hopkins Jr.
1/24/1947 ~ 8/8/2013

MANNING -  Roy Hopkins, 66, formerly of Timmonsville, died Thursday, August 8, 2013 in a Columbia Hospital following a motorcycle accident. Mr. Hopkins was born in Florence County, the son of the late Lester Leroy, Sr. and Erline Jordan Hopkins. Roy served in the US ARMY during the Vietnam conflict. He was employed with Terminix for many years, then retired from AT&T Mobility. Roy enjoyed his retirement on Lake Marion and loved boating. Roy was a great dad, he loved his children and grandchildren enjoying them on every occasion.
Layton-Anderson Funeral Home

Survivors are his son, Wesley Hopkins, Denver, NC; his daughter, Tina Garrett (Tony Ranucci) Elgin, SC; a beloved sister, Angeline Hopkins Wiggins, Merritt Island, Florida; four grandchildren, Danielle (Robert) Snyder, Bobbie Garrett, Dale Garrett and Ashlyn Hopkins. And two great-grandchildren, Mason and Sabrina.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 3:00pm in the chapel of Layton-Anderson Funeral Home. Visitation will follow the service.

Memorials may be made to the Roy Hopkins Memorial Fund, C/O Layton-Anderson Funeral Home, P.O. Box 187, Timmonsville, SC. 29161.


Moped accident claims one life


Thursday, August 8, 66-year-old Lester L. “Roy” Hopkins was riding a moped south on Players Course Drive in Manning, SC at 11:50 a.m. when he rode off the roadway and was ejected, said Lance Cpl. Tony Keller with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Hopkins was not wearing a helmet.

Hopkins was airlifted to Palmetto Richland  Hospital where he died five hours later at 5:07pm.

Hopkins, formerly from Timmonsville, was riding a friend's Moped, along with his son, Wesley, who was on a Moped and another friend who was riding a motorcycle. Hopkins’ son and friend were traveling ahead of Hopkins when the accident occurred behind them. They did not see what happened.

Layton and Anderson Funeral Home, 4210 W. Palmetto St., Timmonsville is in charge of arrangements. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to assist with funeral arrangements.

Roy, Angie & Gene Wiggins and Ashley Samson
Brother and Sis- Roy and Angie  8/7/2013

Ashley Wiggins Samson, niece of Roy Hopkins posted this Facebook status August 8 at 8pm  along with these wonderful pictures.

"We lost my wonderful uncle Roy Hopkins tragically this afternoon. He was my mom's younger brother and the dad to my cousins Tina Hopkins Garrett and Wesley Hopkins. We had just spent a wonderful evening on Lake Murray last night with family, most of whom were seeing the purple martins at Bomb Island for the first time. He was our captain last night since Brian was unable to go with us. I was commenting that last night was the closest that I had even been to the birds! No wonder we were so close, we had drifted onto a sand bar! He and his son Wesley Hopkins both jumped out of the boat to try push it free, but we finally got towed from some friendly people on a pontoon boat. We jokingly "fired" Roy from his captain's job only to quickly rehire him to get us back home safely. Roy was a master at navigating on the waters in the Santee area of SC, but he wasn't familiar with the waters of Lake Murray. He was such a thoughtful person and always remembered me on my birthday with a text or a call. I am still in shock that he is no longer with us. We had such a good time yesterday!"

All afternoon the Facebook condolences were posted nonstop. As folks heard the word that Roy had passed from this life to the next they wanted to express their feelings of sadness at the tragic turn of events.

Many found it hard to believe that one day all is well with laughing and enjoying the company of family and friends and the very next day, out of the blue, came shock, sadness and disbelief that Roy was gone. Some reminded us of Roy's past good deeds. Others just wanted the family to know how very sorry they were.

I learned from Roscoe Fountain that Roy had been a boy scout. I learned from Joe Cuslidge Jr. that Roy had always checked in on Joe Sr. and had been a good friend to Joe Jr. too. Many shared what a fun loving guy Roy was. But the main theme was "If Roy was your friend....He WAS your friend."  You know that is a great thing to be said about a person. Scripture says:


A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverb 18:24 (KJV)

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What is Sorghum?

Sorghum growing in a field.
  • Sorghum plant looks like a corn plant - but it's not corn.

  • Sorghum is a gluten-free grain.

  • It is sometimes referred to as broomcorn.

While riding through the countryside, my son noticed what appeared to be a field of corn. He said "Hey Mom, that looks like corn but it looks funny at the top. Is it some kind of corn hybrid?" I answered, "It's not corn."

I knew it wasn't corn and I thought it was used as cattle feed, but I was not certain. I couldn't recall the name Sorghum at the time but the discussion lead me do a little searching. 

Sorghum leaves do look similar to corn. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as broomcorn. It is used as fodder for cattle and poultry, and in the production of alcoholic beverages. But it is also used for people food.

Close-up of sorghum grain on plant.
Sorghum is a gluten free grain. A research team at the University of Georgia has found that bran from a few varieties of commonly grown sorghum has greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than well-known fruits such as blueberries and pomegranates.

Sorghum is an African plant that can be whipped up into a sweet-tasting flour and turned into a sticky syrup, too. Any plant that can make both pancakes and syrup gets my attention.

A study was co-authored by Diane Hartle, director of the UGA Nutraceutical Research Laboratory and associate professor in the College of Pharmacy; James Hargrove, associate professor in the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences; and Phillip Greenspan, associate professor in the UGA College of Pharmacy and the results appear in the current issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food.

Read more here:

According to the study, "levels of polyphenolic compounds in the high-tannin sorghum varieties ranged from 23 to 62 mg of polyphenols per gram. For comparison, blueberries contain approximately 5 mg of polyphenolics per gram, while pomegranate juice contains 2 to 3.5 mg per gram".

I like Bob's Red Mill whole grain products, so I checked and they have Sorghum Flour.

I have never used Sorghum flour so I searched the web for a recipe and found this, it looks wonderful.

Best (Gluten Free) Bread EVER
Best (Gluten Free) Bread EVER
Get the recipe here:


Sorghum Grain
Then I thought  what can I do with the  plain grain?

Turns out you cook it like we in the south cook our white rice. Just like I do my Spanish rice dish, you need to toast the sorghum in a dry pan until it’s slightly fragrant and golden. This will enhance the flavor. Use 1/2 cup sorghum.

Then, just cook your grain for about 30 minutes in  2 cups of water. Season with salt, pepper, herbs or even grated cheese. You will need to use water at a 4 to 1 ratio. (1 cup Sorghum to 4 cups water)


You can also pop your sorghum like we pop corn but it will be much smaller than popcorn.  Just pour a layer of dried grain in the bottom of a pan with a little oil, cover, turn on the heat and wait until you hear light little pings speed up and slow down in the pot.

I also found these baking mixes...apparently sorghum flour is not used as a stand alone ingredient.


Baking Mixes

Cookie Mix
1 3/4 cup sorghum flour
1/4 cup chickpea flour
1/4 cup sweet rice flour

Makes 2 cups

General Baking Mix
1/3 cup sorghum flour
2/3 cup garfava bean flour
1 cup cornstarch
1 cup tapioca starch/flour

Makes 3 cups

Whisk together and store, tightly covered, in a dark, dry place.

Sorghum Blend

1 1/2 cups sorghum flour
1 1/2 cups potato starch or cornstarch
1 cup tapioca flour

Makes 4 cups

Whisk together and store, tightly covered, in a dark, dry place.

Source: Bette Hagman,

Check out the following video on how to make Sorghum Syrup:

If any of you have been using sorghum please let me know know how you use it.

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Duck Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 - "Fishin' for Business" - Scene Locations

  • Jase and Reed's fish peddling business location in Google Maps
  • Catfish Cabin location in Google Maps

Season 1
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Episode 12
     "Fishin' for Business"
       Original Air Date May 9, 2012
       US Viewers 1.83 million

Episode Description:
Willie and Jase have a competition to see who can catch and sell the most fish, and they bring their sons as well as Si and Phil along to help. Back at Phil and Kay's house, the Robertson ladies decide to launch a line of Duck Commander aprons for full figured gals, but hit a dead end when they realize their lack of sewing abilities. Uncle Si, who learned sewing in the Army and is a jack-of-all-trades, pitches in and shows them how it's done.


The Jase and Reed fish peddling segment begins at 11:18 in the episode.

Jase Robertson sitting on tailgate trying to sell his fish.

Jase and Reed discussing fish selling tactics.

View Larger Map

The Google map above shows the location where Jase Robertson and his son Reed were peddling fish beside the road. Where they are sitting is a private driveway that leads to all of their homes. That will be covered in the next Duck Dynasty post.

The Catfish Cabin segment begins at 16:50 in the episode.

Catfish Cabin sign.

Willie Robertson and John Luke Robertson wheeling
and dealing with the guy from Catfish Cabin.

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Willie and John Luke teamed up with Jase and Reed by putting their fish together. Catfish Cabin is where they ended up selling all their fish. See their restaurant above.

Check them out if you're ever in Monroe, LA.

Catfish Cabin
1400 Louisville Ave, Monroe, LA ‎
(318) 387-7353

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