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Duck Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 - "Fishin' for Business" - Scene Locations

  • Jase and Reed's fish peddling business location in Google Maps
  • Catfish Cabin location in Google Maps

Season 1
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Episode 12
     "Fishin' for Business"
       Original Air Date May 9, 2012
       US Viewers 1.83 million

Episode Description:
Willie and Jase have a competition to see who can catch and sell the most fish, and they bring their sons as well as Si and Phil along to help. Back at Phil and Kay's house, the Robertson ladies decide to launch a line of Duck Commander aprons for full figured gals, but hit a dead end when they realize their lack of sewing abilities. Uncle Si, who learned sewing in the Army and is a jack-of-all-trades, pitches in and shows them how it's done.


The Jase and Reed fish peddling segment begins at 11:18 in the episode.

Jase Robertson sitting on tailgate trying to sell his fish.

Jase and Reed discussing fish selling tactics.

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The Google map above shows the location where Jase Robertson and his son Reed were peddling fish beside the road. Where they are sitting is a private driveway that leads to all of their homes. That will be covered in the next Duck Dynasty post.

The Catfish Cabin segment begins at 16:50 in the episode.

Catfish Cabin sign.

Willie Robertson and John Luke Robertson wheeling
and dealing with the guy from Catfish Cabin.

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Willie and John Luke teamed up with Jase and Reed by putting their fish together. Catfish Cabin is where they ended up selling all their fish. See their restaurant above.

Check them out if you're ever in Monroe, LA.

Catfish Cabin
1400 Louisville Ave, Monroe, LA ‎
(318) 387-7353

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