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Cale Yarborough lived on US Hwy 76 in Timmonsville in the 60's and 70's

I saw this photo below of Cale Yarborough and his family for sale on eBay and noticed his previous home in Timmonsville in the background. Although Cale no longer lives there, we thought it would be neat to show where this house is located in Timmonsville. If you are ever traveling down I-95 and you get near exit 157 it is only 2.5 miles from the exit straight down Hwy 76 towards Timmonsville on the right. It is near Florence Motor Speedway which is 3/10 of a mile further towards Timmonsville on the left.

Photo Caption: --SPEED KING-- Cale Yarborough holds his daughter Julianne, 6,
 as he and his wife, Betty Jo, stand beside a flowering dogwood tree  outside
 their 14-room Confederate-style mansion near Timmonsville, S.C.  As a child,
 Yarborough drove a tractor and piloted a soap-box racer.  This year [1968], driving
 for Ford Motor Co., he has won victories in the Atlanta and Daytona 500-mile
stock car races,  and could become the sports biggest money winner.
(AP Wirephoto) 1968

Buy these photos from 1968 on ebay for $12 at the following link:
eBay - CT PHOTO aur-041 Cale Yarborough Race Car Driver

Photo Caption: Cale Yarborough, leading stock car driver of the nation, with wife, Betty Jo,
and daughter, Julianne, 6, beside flowering dogwood tree fronting their  14-room
Confederate-style home near Timmonsville, S.C. (1968)

Cale won $138,051 for the whole season in 1968. That would be approximately $900,000 in today's money. He won 6 races and had 12 top 5's and 12 top 10's with 4 poles. He finished 17th in the standings in 1968. The 17th place cup finisher in 2013 won over $5 million.

Let's compare that to Jimmie Johnson who won the cup in 2013. He also had 6 wins and 16 top 5's and 24 top 10's with 3 poles. Jimmie won (including winning end of season cup money) $14,663,155 in 2013. This would still be like $2.2 million in 1968.

Things have really changed over the years in NASCAR. It looks like Cale came along too early to make the really big bucks.

Cale was the first 3-time consecutive Sprint Cup champion. He won in 1976, 1977 and 1978.


SIDE NOTE: Jimmie Johnson is the only other NASCAR driver who has won three championships in a row. Actually, he has won the Sprint Cup championship an amazing 6 times with 5 of those coming consecutively. Jimmie has won championships the following years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2013. He finished 2nd in 2003 & 2004. Jimmie has never finished lower than 6th place since running the full Sprint Cup schedule which he started in 2002. At this rate people may eventually say Cale who? Richard Petty...who is that? David Pearson??? We hope that doesn't ever happen!

Here's the total purse money Cale won during his Sprint Cup (it will always be Winston Cup to me) winning years.

1976: $453,404
1977: $561,641
1978: $623,506

His highest money year was 1978.

Over his whole career which spanned 31 years from 1957 to 1988 he won $5,646,479.

In all, Cale won 83 races in his career.

Check out and click on the images below which link to Google maps. We'll write another story soon and show you where Cale lives today. In the meantime, if you are in the market for a new Honda car, head on over to Cale Yarborough Honda in Florence and help Cale catch up with Jimmie Johnson a little.


34.14486, -79.914699

Here is yet another map to look at.

Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Cale Yarborough race. We'd like to hear about it. Include YouTube links to races if available.



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Cale Yarborough Highlight Reels

Here you will find YouTube videos we found relating to Cale Yarborough and/or any of his race cars. We will update it as we find more.

1974 SOUTHERN 500 - Cale Yarborough does it again
1978 SOUTHERN 500 - Yarborough makes it four
NASCAR Cale Yarborough flips during qualifying Daytona ( High Quality)

132991 / 1980 Oldsmobile 442

NASCAR HOF (2012) Cale Yarborough
Narrated by Burt Reynolds

Nascar Cale Yarborough Darlington lap

Cale Yarborough Chevy Stock Car

Dukes of Hazzard- Bo and Luke jumps with Cale Yarborough

NASCAR - The Infamous Fistfight - Daytona 500 1979

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What was your favorite family dinner?

Mrs. Eugene Puckett of Clayton and family eating a meal.
"In this black and white photograph above a family of five is seated around a small table in their home kitchen eating a meal. 
 Mr. and Mrs. Puckett sit across from each other. With his hair slicked back and wearing overalls, Mr. Puckett is enjoying a home cooked meal. 
Although Mrs. Puckett sits with her back to the camera, we can still see that she is wearing a striped dress, an apron, and hose with seams that run up the back.

Their two sons, boys who look to be about a year apart in age, sit together on the right; both are wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans.
The little  daughter on the left is munching a roll and watching her father closely. She is wearing a striped dress too. The kitchen has painted horizontal paneling on the walls, linoleum on the floors, and a white enamel stove in the corner."


This photo made me think about my childhood days gathered around the table with my family, five children and a cousin. There was always bread at every meal.

My dad was a Yankee and he loved potatoes. My mother made wonderful mashed potatoes and gravy. I remember her fried chicken well. We each had our favorite piece of chicken. Daddy would only eat the white meat of chicken and some of my siblings took after him with that inclination.

My younger sisters and I would always get either the thigh or the leg. Mama would always call dibs on the neck and backbone declaring those were her favorite pieces along with the liver or gizzard if no one else wanted them.

I was fully grown before I realized the neck and backbone WERE NOT pieces of chicken to be desired, but rather my mothers way to make sure her husband and children were fed. They got a piece of chicken, the piece they wanted. She was always willing to gladly and quietly sacrifice for her brood.

How very different things are today with family meals than when I grew up.

I decided to asked "What was your favorite family dinner?"

Please share your memories in a comment below....

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Florence County Council Meeting 07-17-2014

After clicking play there will be about 10 seconds of a black screen before the video intro starts. Meeting starts at 1:11 mark. Use control at bottom of video and drag to desired time.

B. ORDINANCE NO. 30-2013/14
An Ordinance Amending Florence County Code, Chapter 28, Public Utilities, 
Article 1, Section 28-4 In Order To Transfer Water/Sewer System Service 
Area Previously Granted To The Town Of Timmonsville To The City Of 
Florence, And To Grant The City Of Florence Additional Water And Sewer 
Service Area; And Repeal Florence County Code, Chapter 28, Public Utilities, 
Article 1, Section 28-6 In Its Entirety.

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    Where does 2012 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski live?

    Brad Keselowski - 2012 Sprint Cup Champion
    Image Author: Bkfan2012
    Brad Keselowski swept both races at Loudon, New Hampshire this past weekend. He won Saturday's Nationwide Series race and followed that on Sunday with his first Sprint Cup win at New Hampshire. Sunday's race marked his third victory of the season in the No. 2 Ford. He is the 2012 Sprint Cup champion.

    If you ever wondered where Brad Keselowski lives you are in luck. We've done the footwork for you. He basically lives behind Dale Earnhardt Jr. (and Dale's sister's houses) in Iredell County, North Carolina. We'll save that for another post.

    Brad's home is 400-500 ft away from Dale's famed "Whiskey River" town that he built behind his house. We think we'll save that for another post as well. If you want to look though, Dale lives in the biggest house you see on Bullet Lane behind Brad's house.

    See the street view below and the aerial view below that.

    View Larger Map


    View Larger Map

    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Google Street View

    Christ the Redeemer, Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    I was watching the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina which was being played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and saw an overhead shot of the stadium with the Christ the Redeemer statue in the background. I wondered if Google Maps had any good aerial images. When I looked I was surprised to find Google had great on site shots as well. Take a look below. By the way, Germany won 1-0.

    View Larger Map

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    Timmonsville School Board of Trustees (1938-40)

    Our friend Stewart Carter has deep roots in the soil of his hometown, Timmonsville, SC.  Below is a picture Stewart shared from a Timmonsville School annual.  Mr. W. S. Carter, Stewart's grandfather was a  Trustee in the Timmonsville School district. If any of you are relatives of the other Board of Trustees shown here, please post a comment below. We would love to do a story on each of them.

    School Board of Trustees (1938-40)

    Dr W. R. McLeod, Chairman
    Mr. S. L. Walkup, Secretary-Treasurer
    Mr. E. G. Keels
    Mr. W. S. Carter
    Mr. H. C. Anderson

    These five men whose efforts have made possible the many improvements in our school and who stand before us as examples of good citizens deserve our heartiest thanks for the success of this school term.

    They are responsible for our new lighted athletic field, the renovations of the library and the home economics department, our vocational building, and the new curtains for our stage.