Monday, July 7, 2014

Timmonsville School Board of Trustees (1938-40)

Our friend Stewart Carter has deep roots in the soil of his hometown, Timmonsville, SC.  Below is a picture Stewart shared from a Timmonsville School annual.  Mr. W. S. Carter, Stewart's grandfather was a  Trustee in the Timmonsville School district. If any of you are relatives of the other Board of Trustees shown here, please post a comment below. We would love to do a story on each of them.

School Board of Trustees (1938-40)

Dr W. R. McLeod, Chairman
Mr. S. L. Walkup, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. E. G. Keels
Mr. W. S. Carter
Mr. H. C. Anderson

These five men whose efforts have made possible the many improvements in our school and who stand before us as examples of good citizens deserve our heartiest thanks for the success of this school term.

They are responsible for our new lighted athletic field, the renovations of the library and the home economics department, our vocational building, and the new curtains for our stage.

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