Sunday, July 20, 2014

What was your favorite family dinner?

Mrs. Eugene Puckett of Clayton and family eating a meal.
"In this black and white photograph above a family of five is seated around a small table in their home kitchen eating a meal. 
 Mr. and Mrs. Puckett sit across from each other. With his hair slicked back and wearing overalls, Mr. Puckett is enjoying a home cooked meal. 
Although Mrs. Puckett sits with her back to the camera, we can still see that she is wearing a striped dress, an apron, and hose with seams that run up the back.

Their two sons, boys who look to be about a year apart in age, sit together on the right; both are wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans.
The little  daughter on the left is munching a roll and watching her father closely. She is wearing a striped dress too. The kitchen has painted horizontal paneling on the walls, linoleum on the floors, and a white enamel stove in the corner."


This photo made me think about my childhood days gathered around the table with my family, five children and a cousin. There was always bread at every meal.

My dad was a Yankee and he loved potatoes. My mother made wonderful mashed potatoes and gravy. I remember her fried chicken well. We each had our favorite piece of chicken. Daddy would only eat the white meat of chicken and some of my siblings took after him with that inclination.

My younger sisters and I would always get either the thigh or the leg. Mama would always call dibs on the neck and backbone declaring those were her favorite pieces along with the liver or gizzard if no one else wanted them.

I was fully grown before I realized the neck and backbone WERE NOT pieces of chicken to be desired, but rather my mothers way to make sure her husband and children were fed. They got a piece of chicken, the piece they wanted. She was always willing to gladly and quietly sacrifice for her brood.

How very different things are today with family meals than when I grew up.

I decided to asked "What was your favorite family dinner?"

Please share your memories in a comment below....

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