Friday, October 17, 2014

Telephone Scam where your caller ID is Compromised

Warning! Public Service Announcement

There is a telephone scam going on where your caller ID will show a local business name or your very own phone number when calling. This is illegal.

Today, we received the 3rd call from this type of scam where the caller ID said a very well known business name that sells worldwide and has a local manufacturing facility. I will withhold the business name since they had nothing to do with this scam. 

Sometimes there can be a few seconds of silence and then there may even be a short recording before a live person comes on. In our case it was a phishing scam pretending to lower your credit card interest charges. They will ask you to get your credit card and give them everything one would need to use your credit card for a purchase. Do NOT give your information to these folks! Please warn your friends and even the elderly as they may be more trusting with a stunt like this.

I played along a little and then asked do you think I am stupid? Then Clink! They hung up. Beware!