Monday, June 29, 2015

Virginia's Skin Care and Makeup Tips

I have been asked what brand of makeup I use, so I will try to explain. I don't know if the brand really makes a difference. The secret is the preparation of the skin before you apply all that beauty.

The most critical part is to begin with very clean skin. What you use is really your choice. I have a lotion and a soap I use interchangeably. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean towel.

Now the more delicate part begins. You must have on hand the mega beautiful skin creams for the elderly females. The first is a gel which puts water into the skin. The is essential for youthful skin. Now you put as much as you can rubbing it in. You do not want to drip all over the place upon completion. Neither do you want to appear as if you are in a downward spiral from all the water flowing down your face like tears.

Once this is done, you apply the moisturizing lotion. This makes your face feel wonderful so you need to pay attention and not get caught up in the wonderful sensation. You may use too much and the makeup will slide right off your face. You might frighten people because they may think you are losing your skin.

Next comes the day cream. Using the ring finger, gently apply this sparingly. Use small circular motions as you apply. Let this dry.

Now begin the makeup itself. Most of the time I just used powder.

If I use a base all this will find the grooves and troughs of my face and will lodge there making me look like ruts in a road. Try to get the color even and match this to the color of your natural skin tone.

Another reason to wait on the creams to dry before you begin. The rubbing causes the skin to look red. If you match at this point the outcome will make you appear to be sunburned, or possibly a clown.

Apply powder if needed.

Next are the eyes, the most difficult part. Use a light base color as a primer on the eyelids. Then begin with your desired color. Three colors are sufficient. Use a medium color next to the eye and be careful not to get this in your eye. This will cause the floodgates to open and all the tears will undo everything. If so you must begin again. Already the time spent on putting on your beauty has been at least 10 minutes (yeah right). You apply the three colors as they appear on eye shadow box.

If you want to try to use false eyelashes, you are very brave. I have tried and cannot get this to work. Either I have them upside down, on the lower lid, above the upper lid, crooked or half of the lashes have been pulled out. I look as if Lucy put them on. So I have given up on that.

So now on to the mascara. I manage to get that all over my eyes. I look as if I have the directions to a buried treasure on my face.

Next the lipstick. Brace both arms on something stationary and pray. This takes a steady hand. If you are not careful, you will end up with the lipstick going up into your nose which is really unpleasant. Then you have to try and use something to keep the lipstick from running into the creases around you lips and down the corners as well. This gives you a Dracula look which you do not want unless you are into vampires.

Now. Stand back and admire your work. You are a vision of loveliness.

Okay, If this didn't work for you, just wash your face and go wherever you want.

Virginia Anderson Hopkins

Virginia Anderson Hopkins was born in Louisiana, but Timmonsville is her home. She was a graduate of Timmonsville High School and the daughter of Charles L. Anderson who was the principal of Timmonsville Elementary School for 30 years. She graduated from Coker College and became a teacher. Virginia loved teaching and actually taught around 6,000 students during her career. She retired with 42 years of service to our community. She is most proud of her two children who are both college graduates and live in Columbia, SC.

Thanks for sharing your skin care regimen, Virginia, you are a delight.


  1. Angeline Hopkins WigginsJune 29, 2015 at 6:58 PM

    I read this once this morning and laughed until tears ran down my face. Now I am practically rolling on the floor again. You should write a newspaper column. Your blogs are hilarious, Virginia Hopkins!