Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Suggestions for Motorists On a Traffic Stop

A traffic stop is one of the most dangerous activities that law enforcement officers perform daily.

More police officers are killed or injured during these encounters than just about any other law enforcement activity. For police officers, there are two types of traffic stops:

(1) high risk
(2) unknown risk

Most traffic stops fall into the “unknown risk” category, although one can quickly become the other.

Officers also know that on occasion, the stop can be stressful for the motorist as well, but that anxiety should decrease as the encounter progresses.

Here are a few of the legal requirements and suggestions on how to make these encounters less stressful and safer for all concerned when the blue lights are turned on for you.

Things you are legally required to do during a traffic stop include:

• Upon request by the officer, you are required to produce for inspection your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance;

• If the officer asks for your driver’s license or identification card and you are a Concealed Weapons Permit holder, carrying a concealed weapon pursuant to the permit, you must present your carry permit. Verbally notify the officer where the weapon is located and listen carefully for further instructions.

Thank You, Sheriff Kenney Boone, for sharing this information.

Florence County Sheriff Office can be reached at 6719 Friendfield Rd, Effingham, SC 29541.
Phone:(843) 665-2121

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